Driving home in the dark at 4:48 pm. I saw in the distance what I thought was a plane but rather close to our house and just above the treetops. There was a blue flashing light on the left, a white one in the middle, and a red flashing on the right. As I got closer I realized it wasn't moving. it was stationary and the UFO Sighting was a flying saucer, flat circular base with a lard dome on top larger than a house it was dark black. I also noticed there were more little lights around the big light in the center. My heart started racing as I knew it was a flying saucer. I wasn't far from home, like maybe a quarter of a mile, so I thought since it was stationary I could grab my family and they could come to see it too. I had a feeling it wanted to be seen the way it was just hovering like that so close to the road. unfortunately, when we came back it wasn't there. Although there were white vertical streaks in the sky in the same place I saw it. Mutual UFO Network UFO Report Cms# 119211 Hancock Maine U.S 11/14/21. This Region has had 731 UFO UAP Sightings Reports to date.

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