Sphere seen twice in close proximity and less than 6 months between the 2 UFO sightings. This extremely large Sphere, silver or chrome in finish/color, appeared to be hovering in the sky, not moving then suddenly seemed to disappear into the stratosphere. I was driving my car on NYS highway 415 northbound and the sphere was hovering above the hills that run parallel to state highway 415 in Avoca, NY by the gas station and cornfield. It is hard to discern the exact size since I observed the sphere while in a moving vehicle. The same UFO Sighting experience took place approximately 4 months ago, at approximately the same time, and the skies were also approximately the same conditions. Blue sky, little wind, partly cloudy and sunny. The first time I saw the sphere it was hovering and disappeared like a flash into 'space'. At first, I thought they might be satellite or Google devices but they move too quickly. The first sighting was located in almost the exact same spot in the sky and the sphere looked the same. Thus my urgency to report. UFO Sighting Report Avoca New York 10/08/21.

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