Seven people witnessed an UFO Sighting event in Afghanistan near Bagram airbase. It was a non-military event involving an UFO Sighting from far away lasting about 15 minutes as it projected some type of energy onto a mountainside. It looked like the hand of god came out and touched the mountains but no sound. Then in less than 30 minutes, it was observed by 2 witnesses moving down the runway but not landing. The UFO appeared to be like a black hole. No noise or sound but was absorbing light. As the UFO went by it only had a minimal effect upon the air as it passed pallet wrap moved gently, but metal shipping containers jerked towards it as it passed by about less than ten feet from them. The base went to noise and light discipline just before the time of our original UFO Sighting. After the interaction on the runway for 20 minutes or so, normal base lighting resumed. Almost as if the control tower and base security knew and were aware of the UFO. There were no flights in the period or sector south east of the runway. All aircraft were northwest to the north of Bagram. No Tic Sit Reps were filed for the sector all flight schedule operations after were normal with no sightings of the object. mufon cms# 119360 Bagram Parwan Afghanistan 8/17/05.

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