UFO Sighting Reported Ascending Tree Level

Woke at about 4am to go to the bathroom then proceeded to the kitchen which is facing West just outside Headford, Galway Ireland. At first saw two lights in the distance, I found it strange as it was too early for any farmers in trackers I saw two lights, as if the tracker had lights protruding high above the tracker on its arms, then the lights got brighter and I saw a UFO ascending from behind the trees about 200ft away. The UFO Sighting ascended to just above the trees then I lost sight, no matter where I went afterwards it had disappeared. the UFO was alloy like, and had straight rectangle windows (not rounded as I would have thought in hindsight) splitting the bottom and the top half of the UFO. I have seen the very same UFO Sighting drawings and only today saw the same UFO was sighted in Argentina. MUFON CMS# 108032 4/20/20 Region has had 8 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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