Tiny UFO Sighting shaped like cylinder

I work at island police post (police coast guard station). conducting final nightly patrol around 2am, towards NE of island (0.5km away from an education camp facility). came across mutilated wild boar body. Radioed to station to notify park authorities to clear the next day. I observe bright UFO light above water body next to us beside road. Fellow officer is unsure what it is, we determine it is drone (many drone enthusiasts visit here). Attempt to look for the drone operator by walking towards nearby camp area. Within 1-2mins, UFO then gets much brighter, pulsating lights. UFO is joined by 2 other UFOs emerging from unknown direction (they appear suddenly as if invisible then choosing to appear instantly). All this is very jarring. Fellow officer spooked, un-Holsters revolver. I rush over to stop him from discharging revolver. UFO Sightings accelerate suddenly and disappear. We are not sure of what occurred still. MUFON CMS# 107414 Pulau Ubin Singapore 4/1/20 Region has had 1971 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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