Strange Glowing UFO Sighting Reported

A friend and I were walking down the street so we could better see fireworks that were being set off in the neighborhoods when we both had a strange UFO Sighting of a Glowing Red and Orange Orb floating across the sky, about 50 feet above the treetops. Our first reaction was that this UFO Sighting definitely wasn't a firework, and was moving vertically, so couldn't be an ember. We were also alarmed by the Shape of this UFO Sighting, thinking maybe it was a lantern or something, but there was no wind and it was moving quickly. UFO was Oval and Glowing with a Bright Red top that looked almost arced, and the rest was Reddish Orange. I took out my phone and began to video it, and got 1 minute and 38 seconds before I stopped.

UFO Sighting just kept going in a straight path off towards the foothills until it looked like a tiny star. After observing this for a total of about 5 minutes, we turned back to the direction we were walking before seeing the object, and saw an identical object, only much lower, appearing much larger (about 10 ft by 5 ft), about a block or two away, and it was just above the trees, and appeared to quickly drop. This second object was initially stationary when we saw it. It seemed almost like a Translucent Glowing Blob. I have never seen anything like this. We immediately hurried over towards where it appeared to be and saw a woman standing at the corner of the alley looking at her phone. I asked, "hey, you didn't by any chance just see anything weird in the sky over here, did you?" her jaw dropped and she asked if we'd seen the weird Glowing Red Jellyfish like looking blob fly over too (she described the same features we'd noticed).

She said she'd seen it coming from the direction of the airport, which is close by, but was alarmed that it had no lights, and as it came closer to going over her, noticed it was too low to be any kind of plane and then it changed direction, taking a turn to the right, and started heading towards the foothills, which is when we saw it. She was busy still tying to see where it went and didn't see the second object. We all walked another block up to see if there was anything to indicate what we'd seen, and found nothing. We concluded that the area we saw there second one drop in was possibly in another street up. mufon cms# 109894 Boise Idaho 7/4/2020 Region has had 635 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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