New York UFO Sighting

was thinner than a blimp, but fatter than cigar-shaped. UFO Sighting had no wings, no windows and it was flying low enough that features like this would've been perceptible. UFO appeared to be made of metal and it was close enough that I could see ribbed features, almost able to make out bolts in it as though individual sheets of metal were fashioned together vertically. It felt like something man made, somewhat primitive, not by any means advanced, but it was like nothing I have ever seen before. UFO Sighting flew slow overhead across the Taconic State Parkway. I watched it fly over my car until it was completely out of sight (mainly due to the winding of the road) but it flew slow and low. I watched it from my driver's side window to the farthest stretch of the right end of my dashboard. Nothing protruded from this UFO like you'd expect to see from a blimp. It felt like machinery, like something that should've had an engine making a lot of noise, especially for how low it was flying, but when I lowered my radio and opened my window all I heard was typical highway sounds (wheels on the pavement). MUFON CMS# 107308 6/16/18 Tompkins Corners/Carmel Area New York. This Region has 3,784 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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