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Witness Reports Invisible cloaked helicopter?

At 8:00 pm exactly I went outside for a smoke. I was sitting on my back deck when I heard an usual pulsating sound coming from what seemed like high above. I looked out from under the edge of my roof and what I saw has me shaken. I observed what appeared to be a huge "helicopter/like" mass that appeared only as an outline almost like it was made out of glass. It made a pulsing/vibrating sound. There was a single, long white/pink cloud that was in the sky and as the UFO moved in front of the cloud, you could still see the cloud behind the UFO Sighting. There was a single blue/white light coming from it that almost made it appear to have a faint glow. I can't swear to the exact size of it, but I would say it was between 20-40 feet in length and very wide. It appeared to be in the middle of making a turn when I saw it. It was close enough to me that I was startled and somewhat shocked when I realized what I was (or wasn't) seeing. As I reached down to grab my phone I accidentally dropped it on my deck and when I looked down to get it to take a video the craft had already gone out of my line of sight. The entire thing lasted between 5-10 seconds. I was not drinking or on any type of mind altering substance. I'd call myself an "open minded skeptic" but I have never seen anything like this. mufon cms#108655 China Grove North Carolina U.S 5/06/20 Region has had a total of 2113 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No photos, videos or other media provided.

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