Wish Dream of an UFO Alien Rescue Hypothesis

The Challenge of Flying Saucers Involves Saving our Civilization Without Science or Religion. J. Burkes MD

Earlier this year in a posting on FB I suggested that UFO intelligence was not only totally telepathic, but also capable of monitoring communications on social media. In a light-hearted way one reader commented that if an "Alien" ET were monitoring our on line discussion that she essentially wanted to be beamed up.

Here is my reply in edited form.


The wish dream of an alien rescue mission for selected individuals reminds me of other hopes for deliverance from a higher power offered by conventional religions. Alas I strongly suspect that such popular notions will not help us to focus on the tasks of working for change here and now on Earth. In a passive mode we often hope for a solution to our personal and societal problems from a "higher power," in this case aliens. As the irreverent song goes however, "There's a pie in the sky when you die. That's a lie!"


The ET hypothesis may be the best and most popular explanation for UFO phenomenon but it is certainly not proven yet. In my judgment it will only become established as fact when our culture evolves to the point where we can seriously contemplate joining some kind of galactic civilization (if such a thing exists). That happy day is long off and will require in my opinion the establishment of world peace based on social justice. Otherwise we are probably correctly viewed as merely technologically advanced savages.


In many ways UFOlogy is not only a pseudo-science but is also a pseudo-religion. Since many readers of these pages are believers in the concept that science will deliver meaningful answers to the UFO challenge, I should reiterate statements that I have offered repeatedly that science should not be confused with scientism. UFOlogy in my opinion is a secular based belief system that has unfounded faith in science as the highest arbiter of truth. Yet how can it apply to a non-human force that not only in my experience is totally telepathic, smarter than any human scientist but also deliberately chooses to confound those that attempt to study it under "controlled conditions”?

As far as the "pie in the sky" notion of Alien rescue let's have no illusions here. We the people of the Earth are going to have to save ourselves through a series of monumental tasks to protect the environment, end war and the causes of war. If not in my view there will be a series of crises that will threaten the existence of our civilization. I am talking here about a massive "die out." In the not too distant future we will be faced with runaway green house effect, rising oceans, markedly increased droughts, floods and resultant famines in which billions of us may very possibly have to " go to see God together."

So let's put aside childish notions of alien rescue although I must admit on occasion I have contemplated such a fantasy of being "beamed up" to safety. Let us work to inform people about the UFO phenomenon not as if it were religion or a "nuts and bolts" engineering problem, but rather as a potential vehicle for personal and societal enlightenment. If we fail in the tasks of healing our wounded planet and ourselves then my guess is that for any possible "Alien" ETs present on Earth we won't be worth saving.

Additional Comments by JB MD

There are also the practical considerations of potential Biohazards that prevent us from being "beamed up." Conceivably "Alien" ETs and humans carry in their bodies potentially devastating pathogens to one another. I suspect this might be one of the reasons UFO Intel stages theater of the mind encounters that we recall as if they were physical rather than mental events. This alas bursts the bubble of many who have the view that only physical contacts as portrayed in the movies are "real." Mind stuff I suspect is what most of our universe is made of, although one can't touch, taste or smell thoughts.


Mental contact, virtual reality or as I call it in my schema a Virtual Experience of the Second Kind, and virtual memory or VE-3 are also "real" even though they are mental constructs. The notion that only 4D reality, the kind we experience in usual states of consciousness is "real" and that mental encounters are not, says more about our limitations than it does help explain a broader "full spectrum of reality." 
Once we acknowledge these extraordinary phenomena in which we co-create our contact experiences with the so-called "Aliens" ETs, then we will have an important handle as to what is truly going on.


My pet term the alleged “Aliens” is TOTENCET. It is pronounced, “toe ten set.” This acronym stands for This Otherness That Experiencers Now Call ET). From the leaned investigations of Dr Jacques Vallee and Mr. John Keel it becomes clear that TOTECET has probably been in the belief business for ages. As disturbing as it might be we should ask the question, “ Have our religions been shaped by interacting with a super-intelligence that we now call “the extraterrestrials?”


Even if “they” possess the awesome power to co-create with us entire belief systems, we should be cautious in our speculations in this regard. I am concerned that both in the past with the Protestant Reformation and in the present crisis within Islam, to challenge established religions can provoke terrible violence. I am suggesting that such a heretical view is in a sense “playing with fire.” Any disclosure of an "Alien" ET presence must be carefully prepared for so as to minimize the damage from violent responses on a planet ravaged by war.


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