Wisconsin UFO Sighting Joe Simonton Story Video 3316

Joe Simonton shows the place where he says a flying saucer UFO landed in front of his house in 1961. Mr. Simonton shares his experience of an encounter with 5 foot tall aliens on the UFO. He says that he gave the alien some water to drink after it held out a jug and motioned like it wanted a drink. He shows a piece of a very thin pancake which he says one of the aliens was frying on a special hot surface.
He comments that he ate one of the pancakes and they tasted like cardboard, which he notes may explain the small size of the aliens. USAF Major Quintanilla speaks regarding Mr. Simonton's case. He says the Air Force cannot comment on the veracity of Mr. Simonton's claims, but that the pancakes were analyzed by food and drug people and found to be pure buckwheat pancakes.

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