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Wild Speculation on Alleged UFO Alien Technology

UFO Alien Sightings

Wild speculation and unjustified assertions concerning alleged ET technology are constants among UFO fans. One notion states that so-called aliens have “Transdimensional” technology. I believe according to this theory no factories are required to build the hundreds of diverse types of “craft” observed by witnesses because “ETs” can transform thought forms directly into material objects.

Visual Displays Versus Hardware

I prefer a different speculative explanation. I suspect that most flying saucers are not physical objects but instead are illusory visual displays that are perhaps holographic like in nature. Either explanation, holographic or Transdimensional precludes the need for a massive “alien” industrial base to build and repair the diverse types of UFOs that witnesses are reporting.

Are "UFO" Flying Saucers Alive?

Another unproven assertion is that flying saucers are alive and self-repairing. This was a sub theme of the 1994 TV movie “Official Denial.” In one dramatic scene soldiers observe a large gapping hole in the wall of a downed alien craft. Some time later the craft itself repairs the hole as if it were alive.

So where do such popular bizarre theories come from? Some have become the themes of science fiction movies that reinforce what are viewed by skeptics as impossible assertions about the alleged ETs. However some beliefs may result from personal contact experiences with the non-human intelligence associated with UFO phenomenon. I believe I actually had such personal contact experiences.

“Contact Downloads”

For several years during the 1990s I had recurrent anomalous experiences that fit into a pattern of what has been called “contact downloads” by UFO experiencers. While resting quietly or during meditation I had a series of what can be described as “awake dreams.” In those “dreams” complex abstract thoughts were combined with mental imagery that told stories about the entire worldwide contact drama in which I was a participant.

Verification is Seldom Available

Of course the information I received was almost totally unverifiable with the exception of two special occasions. In those while doing fieldwork with my CE-5 team I was mentally “informed” of the time, location in the sky, and the number of UFOs that were to appear at our sky-watch sites. The details of the sightings that subsequently occurred those two nights accurately matched the prior information that I had received as a kind of “heads up.”

Embedded In the Wall of a "UFO" Flying Saucer

During one of my "contact downloads"(I believe this is a from of channeling) I felt as if I was fused into the wall of a saucer in orbit hundreds of miles above the Earth's surface. In this dream like story I had a telepathic conversation with the artificial intelligence controlling the craft that was itself alive. My being a contactee it is not surprising that it was a friendly “conversation.”

Not for a moment do I believe that I had an “out of body” communion with a living flying saucer. Perhaps it was nothing more than a wish dream of my own creation. I doubt this however; more likely I suspect these “downloads” were theater of the mind co-creations between UFO Intel and me. I imagine that these anomalous experiences were staged for instructional purposes by a non-human intelligence that experiencers now call “ET.” In a similar vein I believe many so-called “alien abductions” are mental theater productions. Naturally there is no proof that I was in touch with an alien AI while I envisioned being embedded in the wall of an ET craft.

Skepticism Is a Healthy Approach

In general I think it is a good idea for all UFO experiencers and researchers to be similarly skeptical of such apparent communications. As a contactee I imagine that no matter how emotionally compelling or absolutely beautiful these “downloads” appear to us, we should be steadfast in our skepticism.

According to the famous author of the paranormal John Keel, flying saucers are in the “belief business” and are deliberately deceptive as to what they truly are. Does such deception prove evil intents? In my judgment they do not. The messages may not be accurate because of the enormous gulf between their advanced cultures and our more primitive level of consciousness and behavior.

Contact Downloads Are of Great Importance

Deceptive or not, such contact experiences represent in my opinion some kind of interspecies communication and therefore should be considered of great importance. Their interactions with us and the messages that we receive I would like to believe are part of a plan for the benefit of mankind. But this notion is not one necessarily based on accurate information and objective analysis. My upbeat perspective is more an expression of human hope rather than one dictated by reason. ON WILD SPECULATIONS ABOUT ALLEGED ET TECHNOLOGY. J.Burkes MD 2016

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