UFO Video of two Landed UFOs Watertown NY

Here we have two videos showing what seems to be a small sauce shaped UFO resting on grass and a pyramid shaped object on the ground near by. According to the eyewitness military personal are present and are investigating the area.

A Quote from the witness: 2 Landed UFOs Surrounded By Military Footage LINK https://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/117252_submitter_file1__8012021.mp4

I been trying hard to get this out to the public There's a pyramid UFO on the road & a Disk UFO on the field. The military had these 2 landed UFOs surrounded. I wanna remain anonymous this footage is 100% real Link Here


nuforc.org  Watertown New York 8/01/21.  ATTENTION: To View above video links please paste the links in your Browers & search do not google them.

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