UFO Sightings Top 10 Most Mysterious Modern Sightings video 21116

This is a video collection of the most verifiable cases of UFO sightings with some accounts of more than 50 eyewitnesses and video footage to back up and show the world what they sighted. 

# 10 perfect triangle formation, captured by Our Friend Ufologist John Graft 
this UFO Sighting Holds a Perfect equidistant Angle triangle that either turns to its side or shifts into a line formation which one do you think it is? Let us know in the comments your theories on this sighting

#9 Mother ship UFO Sighting, This UFO flew as one solid object heading north until it released two more object out of itself it was also being trailed by a black orb that was following it closely behind This UFO Sighting was documented By Our Friend Jim Martin On his full spectrum long range Camera 

#8  90 degree turn UFO, This UFO demonstrates maneuvers that our own airplanes cant replicate like sharp 90 degree turns with out slowing down as well as dramatic accelerations and decelerations this is another UFO Sighting Documented by our friend Jim Martin 

#7 UFO Response, this UFO demonstrates a direct response to the person filming the UFO witch can clearly be seen in the video by the UFO's change in flight path when it is asked to not go out of view by Ufologist Jim Martin 

#6 telescopes Dino head UFO, This UFO Sighting was documented Under Cloud Cover allowing Our telescope to get a close detailed look of the object, it was filmed by Jay Lee and myself on his telescopic camera rig which is a 2 man job as you can see here, this object appeared to be solid and flew east until it went out of view as you can see the object does not resemble anything man made or aerial craft, and as solid as it seems from the texture of it it flew vertically without ever falling flying bellow the clouds above it

#5 Light Being UFO this UFO appears to be a mas of light constantly shifting forms that at times resemble a humanoid structure, it was captured by Ufologist Yasmin Joyner, this object also has an instance of an orb flying behind it

#4 Humanoid UFO Sighting, this UFO appears to be a humanoid walking in the air descending rabidly while having orbs appear next to itself the orbs seem to be activated by a movement near its chest it was also captured by Ufologist Jim Martin

#3 Table Tennis UFO Sighting, this UFO consisted of three orbs flying forward in formation with the center UFO bouncing independently back and forth between the two outside orb which seemed unaffected by the center orbs movements 

#2 Plasma UFO Sighting, this UFOs odd flight pattern and appearance mark it another amazing capture by Ufologist Jim Martin

#1 Cigar Shape UFO Sighting, This UFO resembles the worlds popularly witnessed cigar shaped UFO, it holds its position showing control and its flight path moving forward can be seen by reference to the trees in the shot captured by ufologist Yamins Joyner

#Bonus videos as a thank you for watching our research here are two of my favorite captures caught on the same day, the first is a UFO Sighting I caught on my cellphone, 

And the second is a fleet of 12 orbs witnessed flying out of a clouds opening headed opposite of the clouds wind directed path which was east and instead headed west showing they had there own independent path. John Grafts Channel,Jim Martins,Yasmin Joyner. 


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