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UFO Sightings reports of Brazilian General Alfredo

Unquestionable evidence that the US government through the Pentagon has exchanged information about UFOs with various armed forces from allied countries for several decades. The UFO Sightings reports of Brazilian General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa By Bob Pratt/credit M.Silvade Melo/ Following Source Information : http://apmagazine.info/index.php…

UFO News: A Brazilian general who became interested in UFOs because of a U.S. Air Force film spent the last thirty six years of his life publicly proclaiming UFOs exist because he had seen more than sixty, some of them up close. “I don’t BELIEVE that UFOs are real. I KNOW they are,” said Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, former deputy director of the Military Academy of Brazil, that country’s equivalent of West Point. In 1960, when I was a student at our Superior School of War, all the students were invited to the America Embassy to see a film made by the U.S. Air Force, and in the film we saw the big event of the visit of many objects over Washington in the 1950's that was caught on radar. I saw this and got inspired, got interested. The American Air Force wouldn’t have delivered this document without its being true. So I was impressed and I decided to study the matter if the opportunity ever appeared.” General Uchoa retired in 1963 after more than forty years in the army. For the last twenty five years of his career, he was a professor of engineering mechanics at the academy. He was also head of the mathematics department and for twelves years was deputy director of the academy, which is located near Rio de Janeiro" An Air Force spokesman at the Pentagon acknowledged that the Air Force made a film based on the Project Blue Book investigation of UFO Sightings after the famous 1950 UFO Sighting “invasion” of Washington, D.C. However, neither he nor anyone at the U.S. Embassy in Brazil remembered its being shown in Brazil.

UFO reports of Brazilian General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa

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