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UFO 2016

When I witnessed the UFO I was putting the bins out at my University house. I decided to look up at the stars as it was a very clear night and they seemed particularly bright and visible on that particular night. As I looked up I noticed what at first glance appeared to be a small gray UFO object traveling across the sky from left to right. As the UFO object was emitting no light and making no sound I originally assumed that it was simply a night bird such as an owl flying relatively close to the ground. However after watching the object curiously for a few seconds it suddenly and rapidly changed direction and made a sharp left turn, advancing rapidly. It then made an equally sharp right turn straight after this and once again accelerated forwards rapidly once the turn was complete. I knew then that this could not have been a bird as I have never seen any bird make such rapid turns and accelerate so quickly and effortlessly in my life. There are planes that often fly over my house to the local airport however these are easily recognisable as planes due to their lights and the sound of the engines, the same goes for any helicopters that fly over. These facts make me firmly believe that this object was genuinely a UFO Sighting. This was my immediate reaction when i saw the object make such seemingly impossible manoeuvres in the sky. I lost sight of the UFO after 25-30 seconds as it simply seemed to disappear. MUFON CMS# 74692

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