UFO Sightings Remote Viewing and spiritual mediums discussed at special conference

By George Knapp, June 6, 2018. "Take a 2004 UFO Sighting encounter between U.S. Navy pilots and a so-called Tic-Tac UFO off the coast of California. The UFO incident has emerged as one of the best-documented UFO Sighting encounters of all time. Since the video went public late last year, the Pentagon has reluctantly acknowledged there was an official program to study UFO's. As the I-Team first reported, one of the Pentagon programs was carried out in Nevada by BAASS, a subcontractor within Bigelow aerospace, financed by the DIA. The chief scientist for BAASS was physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff. "Hal was working with the DIA study with BAASS as well as the chief scientific officer for the civilian effort in the field," said Dr. John Alexander, former U.S. Army Intelligence. "I should also mention he was also participating in the study I ran 30 years ago." Alexander, a Las Vegan and a former military intelligence colonel, has been pursuing the UFO mystery for decades. It's no accident he invited Dr. Puthoff to speak at the conference, given the recent explosion of media interest in the Pentagon's UFO study." Scientists, skeptics, and psychics will gather in Las Vegas over the week for a special conference created to explore seemingly taboo topics, including UFO's, remote viewing, and spiritual mediums. I-Team: Research on UFO's, remote viewing, and spiritual mediums discussed at special conference

Research on UFO remote viewing
LASVEGASNOW.COM/ credit Stig Agermose

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