UFO Sightings Raise National Security Concerns

Full segment of FOX NEWS Panelist Discussion. A serious tone is given to the topic, and all the panelists agree that the mystery of UFO UAP Sightings is now at a stage where cause for concern is manifesting. This really represents an incredible moment in time, in not only the way the mainstream news media are presenting the topic, but also in the frequency of the reporting, all the way to moving the UFO Sighting mystery much more into the public eye as a topic that no longer should be laughed or sniggered at. This really marks a Paradigm Shift in TV coverage being serious about the research, investigation, and transparency in regards to the UFO / UAP topic. The panelists agree that this can no longer be something to be scoffed at or laughed at, and that it's time for people to start treating this subject with seriousness, in public, media, and Government circles. Cristina's UFO TV News Social Media Links: https://beacons.page/cristinagomez

Video Link Here  https://www.youtube.com/embed/jr_I1BqYsRQ?rel=0

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