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UFO Sightings Propulsion Systems

UFO Sightings come in a variety of colors and shades. Christian evangelist Billy Graham and others suggest UFO Sightings are signaling to us since light that infers Love and hope. Some UFOs are dark or black inferring evil, others are white with various colors in between and perhaps no religious meaning. Observers often report a metallic appearance as light reflects off their polished surfaces. Others see that the UFO itself is luminous and some UFO propulsion systems create multiple colors particularly as they gain speed or slow to a hover. Additionally, the UFOs may use lights like our own aircraft for illumination, search, and safety. UFO Sightings are often seen with a corona of light that is probably caused by an electrical discharge. Light is produced within atoms of matter; when the atoms become sufficiently agitated by collision among themselves or by absorption of electromagnetic radiation; electrons are elevated out of their normal energy states and create light. Cameras that can pick up infrared light often are able to record UFOs even when not visible to the human eye. The most likely candidates for color emission of the gases in our atmosphere are helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon. Brilliant white UFOs likely represent limited ionization of all the gases. The colors surrounding the UFOs seem associated with speed or the rate of acceleration. The silvery grey is seen when the object is traveling slowly. Then comes the vivid red and at high acceleration the white, green, blue and purple appear.

UFO Sightings Produce Many Colors

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