UFO Sightings over U. S. AIR BASE, Northern Japan, January 28, 1953

Rick Hilbergs UFO Sighting report photo.


A U. S. AIR BASE, Northern Japan, January 28, 1953 - A United States pilot saw at close range a mysterious "UFO" flying disk make a pass at a Thunderjet plane over central Japan, then speed away, the Air Force reported yesterday.

The hitherto secret report from intelligence files said the "UFO" disk was seen at 6,000 feet on a bright, cloudless day, just before noon last March 29 ( 1952 ) by Lieut. David C. Brigham of Rockford, Ill. Lieutenant Brigham said the disk "UFO" was about eight inches in diameter and that it closed to within twenty feet of the Thunderjet before shooting up out of sight.

It was the second recent disclosure of mysterious "UFO" objects in the skies over Japan near Russian-held territory. Last week the Air Force made public intelligence reports of "rotating clusters of red, white and green lights," sighted December 29 ( 1952 ) by United States airmen.

Source: "New York Times" January 28, 1953 credit Rick Hilberg

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