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These are some excerpts from our book 'Vieques: Bombing Range of the Third Kind” that I know you will find interesting, as they are examples of the type of testimonies we compiled in the island-municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Statement by Mr. Angel Luis Mercado - More UFOs Over the R.O.T.H.R. System Antenna Display Site in Playa Grande, Vieques

Security Guard Angel Luis Mercado told us that both he and a female security guard (name withheld) had personally observed on the screen of one of the security monitors at the US NAVY ROTHR system site located in Playa Grande, Vieques, a huge flying saucer type UFO that hung motionless directly over the radar’s antennas. The event happened one night in august of year 2000.

He described the UFO as “...huge, saucer shaped and metallic, silvery, with many windows all around of it.”

“The UFO Sighting was videotaped,” he stated, “by the security systems, but some people from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba, came and took the tape away.”

“But to tell the truth, this sort of things has been happening here for a long time, many years. I've lived all my life here in Vieques, and I remember one night, many years ago, I was 12 years old and was fishing with my father inside the NAVY base Camp García, in El Tablón lagoon sector. All of a sudden a large silent light came down from the sky and beamed a bright light on us. Everything around us looked as if in daylight. We left, but that thing kept pacing us and beaming that light on us for a long period of time. “Also, a fellow guard, a woman named Aida, was confronted by another of those things one night when she entered the Camp, and it kept flying overhead of her, shining a similar beam of white light over her until she got to the Observation Point #1 building, in the bombing range. Then it flew up and disappeared.

“At this moment I believe that we are not alone in this Universe, that there are other beings...and they may be already here with us. The Government must know about it, but they won’t tell.” Another Confidential Source’s Statement on Navy / Raytheon Corp.
Personnel Checking Videotaped UFO Sightings at the US NAVY ROTHR Site Another member of the security personnel confided more information to us in exchange for us keeping his identity secret, as he was afraid of “...reprisals from the US NAVY.”

He told us that one day he entered the room where the videotapes were stacked at the ROTHR facility and saw some Americans examining a tape recorded the previous night.

He glanced casually to the monitor screen they were using and was surprised to see “...the image of something big and round that was suspended motionless in the night sky. It was hovering above the ground in front of the antennas”. Many individual beams of white light were coming down from all around the UFO rim and ex- tended all the way down to the ground. “The beams formed a “circle of light columns on the ground.”
Noticing that his presence annoyed the Americans, he quickly left the room. “I am very sure”-he said- “of what I saw in the screen. It was something like an OVNI, a UFO.

“Other guards reported seeing such things there at the radar site, but I had to see this for myself, to believe it was really happening.” Testimony of 'Gerardo Santiago' Large Flying Saucer UFO Submerges in Kianí Lagoon. Gerardo Santiago is an alias we are using to identify another member of security servicemen who worked in the areas controlled by the U.S. Navy. He asked to remain anonymous in exchange for his testimony. Here is what he told us. Back in 1989 Gerardo was working one night (exact date not available) at the communications and radar facility run by the US Navy on top of Cerro Pirata (Pirata Hill).

That night, a Friday, he was relieved from work at 9:00 p.m. by a fellow guard. He got in his car and began driving down the narrow road that connects Cerro Pirata with the road to the actual R.O.T.H.R. Site and out from the area. Already half way down the mountain, he observed, to his astonishment, something he will never forget: “I parked my car - Gerardo told us- “at the edge of the road, and saw an immense, round, and brightly illuminated UFO that was coming down from the sky“ I asked myself, ‘What the hell is that? It isn’t an airplane because it is way too big, and it’s round. It does not have any wings or engines. It doesn’t even make any sound. “It was a circular UFO engulfed in a very bright yellow-orange light. It had a dome on its upper part.

The dome was engulfed in a bright white light. “I wanted to get closer to the object, but thinking that maybe I wouldn’t get there in time and would lose sight of it, I decided to remain where I was and continued watching it. “It descended towards the Kianí Lagoon (see map). At that time, the access to the lagoon was restricted to the public, allegedly because it was highly contaminated with toxic wastes derived from explosives that the US Navy had been disposing of there for years. “That area was to be returned to the Vieques people after the NAVY left the island, but instead it was placed under the control of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency.

They do not allow anyone to enter the site because of the alleged toxic environment. “I lowered the car's window and could clearly see the mangrove trees all around the edge of the lagoon. That UFO descended slowly, and submerged itself into the lagoon’s water. “Before it sank, I could see many beams of light, very fine ones, like laser beams, coming out from all around the saucer’s rim. “They were beams of light with a reddish tone or a very bright orange, very bright. They came out from some light bulbs, or whatever they were, which were positioned all around the rim of the craft. These lights were placed equidistant from each other.

“The small, red beams of light kept coming out from all around the UFOs edge and went in straight lines towards the mangrove trees, one after another, at intervals (see illustration by the witness). “I can’t say that I saw the bottom of the lagoon open or that there was a floodgate there either. “No, nothing of the sort, but that enormous UFO went down and submerged itself, disappearing under the waters of the lagoon. “When it went under the water, the entire area of the lagoon’s water became brightly lit with an intense red-orange light. That sight impressed me. It was shocking. “It was also something very beautiful, but shocking at the same time. I never expected to see something like that. “About ten minutes later, the craft started coming out again, very slowly, and began ascending slowly and silently. Then it flew away heading towards the Playa Grande lagoon, and out to the Caribbean Sea. I did not see it anymore.

“Mr. Martín, that UFO was half the size of the entire Kianí lagoon. This should give you an idea as to how big it was. It was enormous!. “It seems too much of a coincidence that this happened in the Kianí lagoon, as this is an area where many Vieques people have observed spheres of light and encountered strange Alien beings. “It is also where the U.S. authorities restricted access to the lagoon, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency took control of the land (same as in Cartagena lagoon in Lajas / Cabo Rojo). “It seems obvious that the U.S. NAVY and the authorities know what is going on here, and they want to control everything to prevent the public from becoming aware of the situation, too participate in it. “This also happens at other sites in the island where the Navy performs its bombing exercises and discards its toxic chemicals and nuclear waste. “Some of the places are Anones Lagoon, Puerto Diablo Lagoon, and a site called Fossil Bay.

“All of these are located to the northeast, on the eastern tip of Vieques, right inside the bombing range. At Fossil Bay they have deep tunnels and holes filled with hazardous toxic material. “The Navy knows that these things (UFO/alien events) have happened on their bases in Vieques. “David Sanes himself, who was a good friend of mine and a fellow guard at Observation Point #1 and was killed by the bomb in 1999, told me that since 1992, he and others had seen large flying saucer type UFO craft in the bombing range. “He said they used to come down in the lagoons and at the bombing range site. I remember he specifically mentioned Anones Lagoon and that of Puerto Diablo. “He described things similar to what I saw at Kianí lagoon. Sometimes they were big, saucer shaped UFO, and other times they looked like very large bright balls of light coming down into the lagoon. They would stay there for a while and later on fly away to the west at an amazing speed, leaving the area. “All this was being observed from Observation Post #1 in Cerro Matías Hill, but they would not talk about it because the NAVY would harass them if they did. They could lose their jobs.

“Also, another guard named (name withheld) showed to some of us documents he found inside the observation post building. They were in English with special orders for military personnel to keep silence about their sightings of UFOs in the area, and any other unusual phenomena they might see. there “It was stated quite plainly in the papers that the matter was Top Secret. “All this indicates that the U.S. NAVY is very much aware of everything that is going on here.”

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