UFO Sightings Encounter Nov.17 1986 Japan Flight 1628

Detailed UFO Sightings encounter of Japan Airline 1628 jumbo cargo jet with a massive UFO over Alaska in 1986. This UFO Video includes actual recorded cockpit communications with FAA tower and military radar. The end of the video includes testimony from FAA Chief of Accidents and Investigations who said the CIA, FBI and the Presidents scientific team got involved and were excited to have over 30 minutes of radar data of an extraterrestrial UFO craft. Then everyone involved was sworn to secrecy by the CIA to never discuss this UFO Sighting again...which the FAA chief obviously ignored. The FAA chief admitted the truth was covered up and he still has a copy of the data to prove it even though the CIA thought he turned over everything he had. During the next month over Alaska, two separate incidents, one military, occurred where they saw this same UFO craft and this also is recorded conversation between the pilot and tower. The actual FAA recorded audio tapes which are also played during this UFO Sighting video.

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