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UFO Sightings during the Solar Eclipse 2017

UFO Sightings reported during solar eclipse 2017

Colfax WA, Took a bunch of eclipse pictures and when I went through them I noticed all these metallic looking UFO spheres. I would just love to know if those are stars or something else. The UFO photos suggest they move but I don't know much about astronomy. Thank you, any help would be appreciated.mufon cms# 86156

Lancaster MA, During yesterday's solar eclipse I was trying to take pictures to show my students. I was not successful in pointing my camera directly at the sun because there were clouds in the way. So I decided to see if I could find another way to record the event. No luck. So I gave up. A few minutes later I decided to run an errand and as I was going to my car I noticed that I could see the eclipse in the reflection of the glass windows of my vehicle. I took out my phone and snapped some pictures using the window as a filter. ( there were no lights on inside my car and I angled the camera so my reflection wasn't in it). When I was reviewing the pictures later on, I noticed pretty clear images of a UFO Sighting in each of them. I was really excited to see what I had captured!! I believe we are not alone and this solidifies my belief! mufon cms# 86150

Concord NH UFO Sighting Report Here UFO Sighting photo Here mufon cms# 86149

MI U.S. Taking photos of the Solar Eclipse around 2:10 pm and noticed this UFO in one photo had to zoom in on the picture, no idea what this Unidentified Flying Object is. UFO Sighting Photo Here

Herculaneum MO We were in our backyard pool waiting for the eclipse. No stars or planes or anything else in the sky. We then got dressed to go out front door to eclipse festival and there was a reflective triangular UFO in the sky stationary but then it moved . Then moments after staring at it and searching the sky for for more, another UFO Sighting appeared. I photoed them both with my phone. I filmed these UFOs during before and after totality of the eclipse. Then, poof, they were gone. The fish at the creek were stunned, and staring up at the sky just above water level the entire day and wouldn't eat any bait. mufon cms# 86146 UFO Sighting photo Here

Rogers AR UFO Sighting Report Here  UFO Photo Here   mufon cms# 86144

Chattanooga TN UFO Sighting Report Here UFO Photo Here mufon cms# 86138

Montana When viewing digital pictures from Solar Eclipse 2017 taken with cell phone camera an UFO was spotted. Several pictures using basic filters attached. Note the 3 dark areas under the UFO. Also the slight tilt typical of UFOs. This area is approx 3 miles east of I 35 North and Parvin Road in Kansas City Mo. We are reviewing recordings from DV tape camcorder to see if UFO is visible. One thing is for sure. There is something reflecting the sun in a big way. mufon cms# 86137 UFO Sighting UFO Photo Here

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