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UFO Sightings during the Cold War Belgium UFO Alert 42716

Autumn 1989. Thousands of people sighted UFO’s over Belgium. Interceptors scrambled, but were unsuccessful. Some of the UFO Sightings of objects were picked up on radar, but this UFO Sighting phenomenon remains a mystery. The Belgian Air force believe that these UFO sightings were genuine. At a press conference general De Brouwer the matter-of-fact without attempting to play them down, as the US Air force usually does. He showed the video of an F-16′s radar screen and the flight path over Belgium of one of the objects. UFO’s, Lies and The Cold War is a documentary that attempts to uncover what actually happened at these UFO sightings, and tries to understand whether the media and government played any important role during these events.TV Report about UFO sightings in Belgium in the 90s and the involvement of the military. In the night of 30/31 March about 10.000 Belgians observed strange objects in the sky above Belgium. When the police received reports from residents, police patrols were sent out only to confirm the sightings. As soon as the military was informed, the NATO Control Center in Glons scrambled F-16 fighters to investigate. The UFO sightings were observed by civilians, by the police, by military personal on the ground and in the air. The events of that night belonged to the Belgian UFO wave which lasted from 1989 to 1990 near the Belgian/dutch/German border.

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