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UFO Sightings Contact Valley of the Moon Chile 2016

Valley of the Moon Chile UFO Contact 2016
Major UFO Sightings contact in Atacoma desert last night ! Message I got " we salute you.. To be clear we are here"! After one hour of mantras where Ricardo Gonzalez got up and climbed the hill to meet his contact we were physically observed in our circle group from the starlit sky. Space people were curiously observing the circle of 70 humans chanting the mantras and ships "UFOs" were all over the clearest skies in Chile( valley of the ) moon. We used lasers and night vision to record it... Ricardo is processing the information as he came back after one hour very very disoriented. We were there to support him but it was an amazing feeling to be observed by space people on the hill opposite us. I personally was told to write about it in three languages English Spanish and Italian!! I am amazed.. I feel grateful and all I can say is the message has to do with changes in our earth having to do with heavy climate change and mass migrations! These people from the stars want us to be aware of what happened to them so we can avoid a major catastrophe here. I will do my best and do the journalist reporting they want!! We are of service here in CHILE. credit Paola Leopizzi Harris/ Marlo Alvarez

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