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Notes from the Contact Underground: The Team is Organized, LA Fieldwork Begins.
Copyright 2003 Joseph Burkes MD edited 2014
At five in the afternoon on August 29, 1992, with a feeling of excited anticipation the CSETI workshop participants prepared for the night’s fieldwork. Over 40 of us, mostly from Southern California, had spent the entire day at the Warner Center Hilton, learning what Dr Greer had called “the contact protocols.” 
During the public meeting held the night before, with almost 200 people in attendance, I had again viewed the remarkable videotapes of the March 15, 1992 CSETI Gulf Breeze encounter. Although I had seen those tapes previously, they still were impressive. They showed how on the North Florida coast, after a CSETI workshop just like the one we were attending, something quite remarkable had taken place. The video footage documented the appearance of no less than 4 typical Gulf Breeze UFOs at Dr. Greer’s research site on Navarre Beach. Those home videos of the encounter dramatically portrayed how the craft had interacted with over 40 prospective researchers who had assembled on the beach. The objects were definitely not candles on hot air balloons; the event had transpired while forty mile per hour winds were reportedly blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. On the video the sound of the roaring wind was unmistakable.
Just 4 months later in July 1992, while doing research in the crop circle region of England, Dr Greer’s methods reportedly had met with even greater success. With only a few other witnesses present, the CSETI Director reportedly had “vectored in” a 100 foot across flying saucer. The event took place close to midnight during stormy weather and the downpour reportedly prevented any video footage from being obtained. 
In that crop circle encounter, the craft reportedly hovered just 10 feet above the ground at the end of a wheat field. Dr Greer stated that he signaled at the small group of witnesses before moving off. This dramatic encounter as well as the one at Gulf Breeze were described in a Fox Network “UFO Sightings” program. It originally aired in January of 1993 and was re-broadcast a number of times. Only one witness other than Dr Greer appeared on camera to describe the dramatic events. The incident however excited UFO enthusiasts in England and North America and did much to build the influence of the CSETI Director. The following month, August 1992 I selected a research site in the Santa Susana Pass for out Los Angeles contact team. This high desert locale links the San Fernando Valley with the bedroom community of the Simi Valley. Large boulders and spectacular rock outcropping studded the arid hills on both sides of the pass. I explored this rugged terrain with the assistance of my medical partner Dr. Daniel...(a pseudonym). He owned a four-wheel drive vehicle and was an experienced backpacker.
For an additional reason Daniel was an invaluable assistant in my search, with the approval of his department chief, he was conducting an informal survey concerning sightings of UFOs by patients and workers at our Kaiser Woodland Hills Medical Center. Dr Daniel’s study indicated that about 10% of those he interviewed at that facility had sightings of what they considered to be UFOs. By the time he was chauffeuring me around in his truck, he had interviewed almost 1000 individuals as part of survey.

In the process of asking about sightings, my colleague developed a network of informants that faithfully took it upon themselves to contact their respected doctor concerning ongoing sightings of UFOs in our area. Through Daniel I had tapped into a veritable gold mine of intelligence about the territory I was supposed to cover for CSETI’s CE-5 Initiative. As I bounced around in the back of his truck, Dr. Daniel enthusiastically described the various UFO sightings he was diligently documenting as part of the ongoing study. Some of the local sighting had taken place in the very same places we were exploring as possible research sites.

One deserted trail looked particularly promising to Daniel. It was located on Old Santa Susana Road near the Rocky Peak Exit from the 118 Freeway. The path initially moved down into the canyon. Not a very encouraging course as the lower parts of the ravine were loaded with rattlesnakes hunting in preparation for the winter’s hibernation. However after marching along the rocky trail for 5 minutes, the path began to climb. This was indeed looking more interesting. As we reached the crest of the hillside my heart was pounding, not just from the climb, but also from excitement at what we viewing from the top of the ridge. Below us, spread out on a ledge 400 feet long and 200 feet across, was a flat area with a spectacular view of the entire southwestern portion of the San Fernando Valley. We had found what we had been looking for, the perfect research site!
There was no housing in the immediate vicinity and the site’s location on a football field sized ledge provided ample room for a regiment of UFO researchers. While doing the contact protocols there we would be perched 200 feet above the foothill community of Chatsworth. The majestic Santa Monica Mountains were just ten miles to the south. They stood before us on the horizon like a wall of mighty sentries. Beyond that wall lay an endless expanse, the Pacific Ocean.

At our backs over a slight rise, the hill we had just scaled provided us cover from the spying eyes of any passerby on the 118 Freeway. Without such a shield, our contact efforts employing powerful lights would definitely attract a lot of attention. As vehicles slowed on the 118, during the climb past Rocky Peak State Park, our team if not shielded might appear to be doing a remake of Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

Daniel and I checked the location out for signs of sociopaths. The few corroded beer cans that we found were obviously several years old. Pop bottle fragments gratefully had a weathered appearance to them with sharp edges smoothed out by years of rain. If this were once a local party place, it was likely to have been so during a previous era, before the locked gate had been placed at the trail head. Without such a barricade, open access to a secluded glen with a spectacular view would have certainly brought on hordes of young people seeking romantic close encounters of a passionate kind.

We also carefully checked the ground for the presence of shell casings or bullet riddled targets. With a sigh of relief I found not even one, thus assuring me that the area was not likely frequented by gun enthusiasts. According to Dr Greer this was an important consideration in selecting a UFO research site, since our safety and the invited “extraterrestrial” visitors’ safety, were of paramount importance.

After the August 29th 1992 workshop took place the stage was set a demonstration of what Dr. Greer called “the contact triad”, the use of sight, sound and consciousness techniques to interact with UFOs. We car-pooled up from the Warner Hilton to the rocky foothills that formed the Santa Susana Pass. More than 30 of us piled out of the vehicles and started up the trail towards the site.

The temperature at sundown was only 70 degrees and was dropping fast. It was surprisingly cool and windy. This was something I had not counted on. Fifteen to twenty per mile hour winds kept the heavens clear for our sky watch activities, but the thirty to forty miles per hour gusts blasting through the canyon quickly chilled many of us that had expected milder weather. I was learning an important lesson about fieldwork. If you are to persevere you simply must keep warm!

Near the edge of a sharp drop off we formed a large circle. We oriented ourselves to directions with a compass, and reviewed protocols for how best to describe both conventional and anomalous flying objects. Soon the powerful gusts of wind forced us to move away from the edge of the cliff where we had first formed our circle. We retreated about 200 feet north to the base of the hillside that separated us from the 118 Freeway situated behind us. There in relative safety from the wind we had a number of sightings.

Description of Sightings and Discussion
Soon after nightfall at about 9 PM, a bright circular slow moving amber light appeared in the southwest along the ridgeline. It appeared truly anomalous in that in had no associated wing lights, nor a strobe. There was no rotating beacon. It moved without a sound. The yellow light was comparatively large for it to be a celestial object, several times larger than the brightest planet could be. It was approximately half the size of the distal phalanx of a finger when viewed at full arm’s length distance. Importantly it was clearly seen to be moving sideways, something planets definitely don’t do. The entire group observed it for about 30 seconds. As soon as Dr. Greer trained his 500,000 candlepower light on it, the yellow light flared bright and then quickly faded out.

This type of abrupt action suggested to me an interactive response. It is my assessment that this amber colored object was not a conventional craft. Although landing lights of jetliners at a great distance can sometimes have a yellow appearance when viewed through air pollution in Southern California, if you track such objects carefully, the silhouette of a plane will eventually appear as the jet passes overhead.

If such a conventional craft changes course, and the landing lights appear to fade out as it moves away from your line of sight, conventional wing, rotating beacon, or strobe lights should become visible when viewed through binoculars. An additional point should be made. Amber or yellow objects, particularly when they appear circular or discoid with well-demarcated edges, warrant special attention. It is my judgment that we did have a UFO sighting and many on the team including a United Airlines pilot with us were impressed by it. I had no way of knowing what strange events were to transpire our very next outing. They included strangely silent lightning like flashes that appeared from an unknown source, powerful mysterious lights that signaled at us from a deserted mountainside and a high strangeness event that appeared to be linked to consciousness.

Joseph Burkess photo.

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