UFO Sightings 1951 brilliantly lighted disks over Abbotsford BC Airport reported

On an exceptionally clear, moonless night some 60+ years ago (1950 or 1951) at a peak in UFO sightings I witnessed an event which I am hoping someone living today saw as well. When walking my girlfriend home at approximately 10 PM on a summer evening I witnessed an event develop in the sky which was unique to anything I have seen in my lifetime which includes approximately 25,000 hours of flight time combined as an Air Force pilot and an airline pilot.

I am hoping this account will jog the memory of others who may have witnessed this event and will share their perspective. From the small town of Lynden Washington my girlfriend and I witnessed the following event: A single bright spot appeared like a very large brilliant star to the northeast of our position.

The star grew larger as it became closer, becoming distinguishable as four single bright UFO disks descending rapidly, and individually to hover at an estimated 100 over or near Abbotsford British Columbia, airport. The UFO disks joined in a formation, hovering there for about one minute. The UFO discs then began an ascent to the northwest at an angle of about 45° in a diamond formation, accelerating at an incredible speed, remaining visible for no more than three to four seconds. They disappeared into the sky appearing to merge together as a single star like any objects flying in close-proximity would with increasing distance. Their size while hovering over Abbotsford appeared to be probably 30 to 50 based on my estimate of size of aircraft which I had often observed operating out! of Abbotsford Airport which is located approximately 6 miles from Lynden.

I have done several searches, but cannot locate any account of it in newspapers, available control tower records, UFO Sightings accounts, or through the memory of a few friends still living in the area. In my flying experience I have been asked many times by air traffic controllers to look in a certain direction for unknown traffic (highly unusual above 15,000). I never spotted unidentified traffic at any time asked, nor have I witnessed anything not reasonably or scientifically explainable.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the UFO Sighting is approximate. PD))

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