UFO Sighting White ball of light Changed shaped Red glowing spots in middle Toronto Ohio

On 8/04/2016 at around 6 pm, I was on my parents back deck looking up in the sky towards the east. I noticed what looked to be a star, but I thought it was strange because it was still daylight. I got a pair of high quality binoculars and looked through them at the UFO. The UFO was a glowing white light, it was round and looked to have blinking red lights in the inside. I continued to look at the UFO through the binoculars off and on for two hours. The UFO appeared to have changed shaped to round, and then oval, and back to round.

The UFO appeared to stand still when I looked at it with my naked eye, but when I looked at it with the binoculars, it appeared to moved up and down and side to side. When I first noticed the UFO, it was towards the northeast, it slowly moved eastward until I no longer could see it. By the time it got directly east my view was obstructed from the trees. My location was eastern Ohio, on the Ohio river. Across the river is the northern panhandle of West Virginia. I saw about two or three airplanes in the air at pretty low altitude during the time I was observing the UFO. The Pittsburgh Airport is less than very near to my location. The UFO was much higher in the sky than the airplanes.

The UFO Sighting was reported on a local Pittsburgh news station on CBS Pittsburgh. I attempted to take a picture of the object on my cell phone camera, but the UFO did not appear on the photo. MUFON CMS# 78221

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