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UFO Sighting was as bright and large as Venus Sun Valley CA 12/19/16

At approx 5:48 pm on Sunday 12/18/2016 , Sun Valley Ca. I observed a UFO, very bright white light/orb approx 2000-3000 ft over the Verdugo Mt coming from the North Shadow Hills area and heading South towards Glendale Ca. The UFO deemed and appeared to slowly veered direction towards the south/east once it was over Glendale/Eagle Rock. The UFO Sighting was as bright and large as Venus is in the South/West. The UFO sighting lasted approx 2-3 min.

I had time to run in and grab my telescope Meade ETX90 and get it sighted in just in front of the object with the finder-scope and get a good look at it threw the telescope. It was a very bright white oval/disk shaped UFO object. With no sound heard and no blinking lights or any visible structure noted the brightness of the light other then the oval/disk shape. I called a friend (Eric) who lives south of me in Atwater and he and another friend also viewed the UFO. mufon cms# 81038

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