UFO Sighting Video Reported 5/13/16 Fairbanks Alaska

I was on patrol (can't say the company i work for) and I noticed a blinking light and I thought it was an airplane. When I came around to the other side of the Morris Thompson building heading east I saw a big bright orb shoot strait down while the blinking light I saw early was stationary and that when I whipped out my phone and started to recorded the possible UFO Sighting. I felt excite to witness this event and tried to stand very still and capture what I was seeing. The camera it self dose not do it justice but it was brighter and after a bit it actually started to mess with my eyes like I was starting to get unfocused and shook my head. In the UFO video the interesting part are 1:03 and 2:30 and also I don't know if the camera captured it but at 3:20 I said "WHAO!" The UFO moved really fast then back to where it was at originally. Then at the end of the video it just disappeared and I felt pretty happy to see and capture such an event whatever is was. Witness Media Release Agreement to show this UFO video is on file with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). CMS# 76385  View UFO Sighting Video Fairbanks Alaska Here

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