UFO Sighting Video over Los Angeles CA

This UFO Sighting was filmed in Los Angeles on a balcony near the 10 freeway, about 1 mile east of the 405 freeway. The UFO Sighting UAP in the video was filmed at 8:12 pm. Not sure what this distance was, but it was so far that I couldn't see it with my naked eye. Found it by panning my Nikon P1000 camera across the sky to see if anything would come into view, was also meditating on letting my hand be guided to finding something that I felt was up there. UFO Sighting mostly moved north while occasionally shifting east. I was trying to stay on it in the sky until I accidentally zoomed out and lost it while trying to grab photos of the Unidentified flying object. It was filmed on May 24th, 2021.    mufon cms# 116425 This Region has had 11,569 Reported UFO Sightings/ UAPs to date.

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