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UFO Sighting Up Close and Personal Reported

Observed a oval shaped UFO Sighting which was a green translucent color. it moved from the west and stopped very abruptly in a field to the left off the road we were traveling on. As we drove closer to its location it disappeared and it left a tracer that didn't linger. The whole experience may not have lasted more than 3 seconds. As we came to the hill maybe a quarter of a mile ahead the sky opens up just a little and I thought I saw an additional tracer. it was like seeing a flash of light as the UFO Sighting moved north east. I don't have any evidence of this occurrence but I can provide the location. It was only a mile from my home. mufon cms# 111926 Clinton Tennessee U.S. 9/21/20 Region had had 1,550 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Sighting while driving car

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