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UFO Sighting signaling light sequences communication encounter Asheville N.C

UFO Sighting Two UFO Blue Orbs signaling light sequences Asheville N.C

In early February I watched the documentary "Man cursed with Seeing UFOs" starring Christo Roppolo. I could not get it out of my mind how in the movie he used prime number signaling to summon craft and intelligent entities. I thought this was so far fetched yet instinctively knew that there was in fact something to it. Two nights later on Feb 24, 2017 at around 9:45 pm something or some feeling made me pop up off the couch, grab my phone (which was fully charged and plugged into the USB port of the television I was watching) and head outside to try and signal some UFOs like I saw Christo Roppolo do in the movie. This is way out of my character to do something like this on a random evening. I have never done anything like this and do not know why I suddenly felt the need other than the subconscious thoughts stemming from what I have already outlined. My phone screen was on its brightest setting and I had a text app running after just texting my girlfriend. This bright screen of almost all white seemed bright enough to use for signaling so I began to signal upward at a 45 deg angle to the horizon. Holding the bright screen down to the ground and them up at a 45 deg angle. I did this two times and 2 UFO orbs started signaling back to me or so it seemed. What I would describe as Two bilateral, white light emitting orb shaped UFOs signaling light sequences and alternating between being stationary and moving across the sky at different speeds and in different random directions. At first the two UFO orbs just stayed about a foot apart and seemed to signal back at me or to each other, I was very excited due to the surprise of such success trying this new method I had seen on TV. One of them began to drift off right slowly but then became stationary after moving about what seemed to be 1/8 of a mile. This same UFO orb then began to move upward for a short period then back down and over, then stationary again. Eventually after filming them for almost 5 minutes and my phone being completely drained, they flew of in separate directions, one fading out the other flying out of sight at an increasing rate of speed that seemed unreal or unfamiliar how something could move like that. It was a very clear night and I do not remember there being any clouds, the temperature was mild and I only wore a short sleeved shirt and was comfortable.The entire sighting lasted over 5 minutes. What I witnessed very much resembled the light emitting UFOs which I have seen others post on Youtube. They often seem to align with each other to form a perfect triangle or other symmetrical shape. I never saw these things before that night and my only pre-reference was the movie I saw, the Youtube videos I found after the fact in researching whether or not anyone else has ever seen this type of phenomenon. The two UFO orbs of light that I saw looked almost like eyeballs looking at me and they appeared to be communicating not only with each other, but also with me. My phone drained to warning level but was fully charged at 100% battery power upon stepping outside. I was able to get 4 plus minutes of video footage on an LG Stylo II smartphone, only it was very difficult to find the UFOs through the phone's viewfinder screen. I did manage to get a few glimpses of these thing on video from what I can see on my old computer. It is hard to explain the feeling but it was is if they summoned me off the couch and to begin signaling them, it is also such a coincidence that my attempt to signal worked right away as if they were waiting for me to come out. I now for some reason feel that is is not the signaling that actually gets their attention but rather just having the thought behind the effort of signaling is what works for those who find it easy to summon these things whatever they are. - very hard to explain why I even have a thought about this but I do and don't know why. 

As I witnessed this I felt as if a message was being sent to me which I admittedly have refined a bit but that should not take away from how strong this message was at the time of the sighting. Here is the message: 

"We are here and have been for a long time. Everything matters. Do not fear us. Keep learning, have patience, teach others, practice unconditional love." 

I have found these same light emitting orbs documented hundreds of times with video on youtube.. The same orbs I saw have been filmed all over North Carolina as well as about 20 other countries as far as I can tell thus far. There must be a simple explanation for theses orbs and the best way to figure it out is by using the data we collect from witnesses and that is why I felt the need to report it. Sooner or later we will either make sense of the data, or whoever is responsible for these things will come forward. Since this event, I see clearly that our society is moving forward as fast as possible regarding what is revealed to us about extraterrestrial life. It is almost like it is being revealed one person at a time based on their own ability to digest the knowledge so it won't overwhelm then and screw up their life. Each person will learn of everything at exactly the right time for them it seems. This is a much less frustrating perspective as opposed to being angry at the government and others who hold on to old ways of thinking. I think a lot of what we want to know about the universe is already on the internet in one form or another, you just have to separate the disinformation from the valid info. using a discerning intuition. This is much easier now that I have had this experience for some reason. mufon cms# 83382

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