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UFO Sighting shape changing multi directional white UFO 4 fighter jets flew overhead Canton GA

On 10.11.2016, at approximately 12:00 pm noon, I arrived at my home in a subdivision in Canton, GA. I noticed 4 large jet trails in the sky above my neighborhood. I thought that they must be from some jets or planes. I was looking up to see if I could see the jets that made the white lines in the sky. As I was scanning the white lines up and down, I noticed a white object that was traveling in the opposite direction of the direction that the jets had previously flown & it was moving along the smoke trails, seeming to be observing the smoke trails left by the jets. The UFO would occasionally stop, drop into & past the smoke trails, then pop back up above the smoke trails. It would change from a round shape, to a diamond shape, to a rectangle shape, then to a flat shape. When a commercial jet approached the UFO from the west, as the UFO traveled North, the UFO became dim, as if it had cloaked itself, then reappeared in it's stationary position, after the airliner had passed. I ran inside my home to get my wife & I also rang my neighbor's doorbell. Both my wife & neighbor came outside to witness the UFO. The object that was traveling North had disappeared, but an UFO was traveling East toward the jet smoke trails was observed by all 3 of us. We all witnessed this second UFO, as it turned abruptly to travel North, along the smoke trails. This UFO was also white, but changed shapes more rapidly and seemed to rotate at times. All 3 of us felt like we had seen a UFO. My neighbor asked if it could be a drone, but it was too high and changed shapes & directions, so abruptly, so it is not a drone. I took pictures & video of the UFOs. I also called a UFO report line in Seattle, WA & left a voice mail for a local TV news desk. The UFO moved out of sight and my wife & neighbor went inside. I then observed the 4 fighter jets flying back South, again overhead, in the same direction as the first flight overhead, leaving another 4 lines of smoke trails. mufon cms# 79755

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