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UFO Sighting reported to move and would then flash orange lights Ukiah CA

Latest UFO Sighting Orb over Ukiak CA 8_14_17

1. My wife and I were sitting outside on our outside deck after dinner. 
2. I heard a jet aircraft (Civilian) flying overhead, and looked up and saw the aircraft and then the unknown UFO. 
3. I thought it was another aircraft, but then it moved and stopped overhead, and then move again, blinking or flashing the orange sunset. 
4. The UFO was a discoloration (gray color) spot in the sky, with one and or or two bright orange round lights alternately, reflections or flashing in the sunset, I assume. 
5. I could clearly see the civilian jet (white in color) as it flew off and this unknown UFO that wasn't behaving anything like a normal aircraft. The jet moved off to the south west, and the unknown UFO remained in place, moving around slightly. 
6. I attempted to get my wife to see the UFO, but she could not find it in the sky (looking in the wrong spot)and was frustrated. I observed the UFO Sighting for several minutes as it moved around slightly, and flashed one or two round orange lights. This appeared to be at high attitude. After several minutes of observation, 2-3 minutes, I ran into the house to get my Binoculars which were handy (10 -20 seconds away), but when I came out, the UFO was no longer visible, and never reappeared for the next 40 minutes or so. mufon cms# 85938 UFO Sighting occurred on August 14 2017 over Ukiah California.

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