UFO Sighting reported Red Glowing Sphere over New York

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, at approximately 2056 hours Eastern standard time, my wife and I observed a glowing red sphere crossing the night sky.

 The UFO Sighting flight path was south to north. The speed of the UFO was comparatively similar to other planes in the sky, not the slowest and not the fastest. The altitude seemed to be a lot lower then 90% of planes/helicopters in our skies in our neighborhood. The UFO Sighting flew in a straight line in what appeared to be a uniform speed the entire time we observed it until it seemed to putter out for a second and restart although dimmer now and then disappeared altogether. The UFO Sighting appeared larger then most planes at that altitude. The color was red and it seemed to have an after burn glowing outer edge. It appeared to be very much like a ball of fire in the sky. We heard no discernible noise from the UFO. The flight location would best be described as flying over a main road near our house. If you view a map, search for Stony Brook Hospital, in Stony Brook, New York. Follow the (Rt 97) Nichols Road, northbound from the hospital to where it ends about a mile or two north. The object appeared to fly over Nicolls road northbound, from Stony Brook Hospital, to its end and continued its flight northbound, in the direction towards Long Island Sound and onto Connecticut My wife and I just took our dog outside of our house for a walk. We got about two houses two down our block. when I looked up in the sky I saw this glowing red sphere. I always look towards the sky to observe the location of the UFO Sighting in the night sky. Initially I thought it was the planet Mars, since lately it’s been one of the most visible and largest objects in the night sky and is reddish in color. I quickly noticed it was moving and too large to be planet and called out to my wife to look up at it, who was somewhere behind me and several feet away, holding the dog by leash.

We both thought the same thing, was it a comet? or a plane on fire and in distress? My i-phone was in my hand, on and unlocked. I opened my camera application and thought I hit record. I noticed I didn't actually hit record, but was able to hit record, as the UFO flew briefly obstructed from my view by some trees. I recorded a 26 second video, before I lost sight of the UFO. My wife was able to observe for a few more seconds and she described it as “it putter out” “then re-lighted itself, but this time less bright then before“ then totally disappearing from her vision It was nothing like anything we have ever have seen If it was a comet, it didn't make a noise, have any burning tail, or have any large flames coming from it If it was a plane, it had no visible lights like any other planes we have ever seen or what was in the sky at the same time. It was a big and reddish in color, with what appeared to be rough edges in the same reddish color, which looked like flames. nuforc.org

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