UFO Sighting Reported Douglas Wyoming

On July 3 2020 a friend and I were driving to Labonte Canyon by Douglas Wyoming. At 11 pm we stopped for a second. I looked up at the sky and seen something in the sky. This UFO Sighting was red and blue. I pointed it out to my friend and we both thought it may have been a drone. We continued driving and noticed it was following us. A few minutes later another UFO appeared off to the right of us. At that point I turned the truck around and sped down the road. More and more of them began appearing around us. I turned down a back road that I know goes through some dense trees. Before we got to that area we had another UFO Sighting to our right drop to about 6 feet above the ground it was a Diamond Shape and it began changing colors fast like a hologram. When it got that close it looked like it could only be about 6 feet from point to point. We came to a turn in the road and at that time another one dropped right above the ground on our left and did the color changing thing. We watched it for a few seconds and seen 2 human shaped objects walk out to it from behind a bush. I got scared and quickly started turning to the right. While I was starting to turn a bright red light shine through the windshield from in front of us. There from where that light was coming was another human shape. I drove even faster. The road lead us to a heavy forested area where I thought we could lose them but as soon as the road went into the trees two of the UFOs moved over the road and continued to follow us. The road lead us into Glenrock where we continued into Casper. We parked at the Cmon Inn Hotel where we were staying. When we got there we both stayed in the truck and watched them. They had pit some distance between us when we were in town but they were just sitting there flashing. We watched them for maybe an hour and a half then I wanted to see if they were going to keep following us. I jumped on the interstate and went east. UFOs followed us from a distance. I got off the interstate at the hat six ramp and headed south down hat six road. They continued to follow us. The sun was beginning to rise when I turned onto Smith creek road. At this point there was one in front of us less than a mile away, one behind us less than a mile away and the other were on either side of us high enough to where we could barely see them. It was a little cloudy out. The one behind us would move to where it was maybe 50 yards from us and then move back into the cloud. It did this repeatedly. As the sun got higher the 2 that were in front and behind us stopped changing colors and shined a bright white light. Before I was able to get down the road and into the mountain they all moved into the clouds and disappeared. nuforc.org Casper WY 7/3/2020. For about the first 30 minutes these UFO Sightings were following us we both thought that they were drones. But as they kept following us we both changed our minds. They followed us for hours and for over 80 miles. I don't believe drones go that distance or as high as some of them went.

five hovering silver disk shaped UFOs

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