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UFO Sighting Reported 9/1/17 Morphing UFO over Germantown MI U.S.

UFO Sighting Saucer reported Germantown WI 9117

UFO Sighting Report: My girlfriend and I were at Walmart, in Germantown, Wisconsin, She was inside shopping and I was in the car with our dog. I happened to look up and I saw this "box-like" UFO thing in the sky. UFO Sighting flew out of the Northeast to the Northwest, as it moved along UFO changed shapes from being box like, to a more saucer like appearance. There was NO WIND to blow it along. At first I thought this UFO could be some sort of big balloon that had sort of deflated, but the UFO kept traveling to the Northeast as though it was being intelligently piloted. It was strange because because it changed shapes from a dark box like UFO, to a more saucer shaped UFO. It was dull in appearance, and it seemed not to reflect light. It flew towards Walmart out of the Northeast as I first observed it, but then the UFO kept precisely on the same course, I actually opened the car door to observe it, but it traveled pretty quickly over the Walmart building, and I lost sight of it. UFO caught my eye, as I'm a kind of a fan of airplanes and I watch the skies frequently. But I've NEVER seen anything like this.  mufon cms# 86411

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