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UFO Sighting Reported 22716 Alhambra CA 22916

I was driving On the 10 freeway in Alhambra when I noticed a UFO metallic object which was hovering over some hills , My initial reaction was that it was a metallic balloon so I asked my daughter and her friend to give me their opinion. They assured me that it was not a balloon, I pulled over on the freeway and got a better look as it was moving slowly an realized it was a V shaped UFO metallic object about the size of a small plane . It was moving like a falling leaf in all kinds of directions but not falling , it was hovering and changing directions , it also flew lower and higher in elevation but never went too low.Once in a while it would flicker it's lights which at one point I was able to see one on each corner of the UFO.The most interesting part was when it elevated higher,a big jet with trails passed really close to it and as it did,the UFO started lighting up for a few seconds then it stopped.I told my daughter wow, I know for a fact that pilot must have took a good look at that UFO. I say pilot only because it was not a passenger airplane,I live in chino and Ontario airport is a few miles away, I see passages airplanes on a daily basis.We looked at this UFO for about 25 minutes before it went up so high that we lost track of it.I tried to video tape it with my iPhone but was not too happy with my shots, but you can still make out the object and the way it was moving and flashing it's lights.One thing I thought to myself , if it is some sort of a flying object , how can someone be inside of it due to the way it moved rotating in all kinds of ways being a V shaped UFO you would expect it to move in one direction straight. MUON CMS # 74861


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