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UFO Sighting report Disc Shaped UFO hovering over Houma LA

Me and my son Chad was setting up a water slide for my grand daughter Anna's birthday party on May 19th 2017.The top hose was leaking bad. Chad climb up the slide to repair the leak. I remained on the ground while Chad was at the top of the slide I glanced up to my right and noticed a silver disc shaped UFO about half the size of thumb which I estimate was about a mile away in a clear sky. I yelled at Chad to turn around and look at the UFO. Chad said what is that I grab for my phone to take a picture and realized my phone was in the house.

I turned around and yelled a Harley a neighbor who lives across the street who was on her porch with her children waiting for us to complete setting up the water slide. I yelled Harley look and pointed at the disc hovering in the sky. I yelled use your phone get some pictures she walked towards me and yelled what I yelled again get some pictures. She just stood there looking at the UFO. The UFO then moved straight up slowly and sped off at a high rate of speed from a dead stop the UFO enter a cloud which I estimate to be about a mile and a half to right of the UFO.

When the UFO enter the cloud I noticed that the cloud parted as the disc enter as if the cloud had been hit with a large gust of wind. That was the last we saw of the UFO it never appear out of the other side of the cloud. We watch for 15 to 20 minutes. Harley with her camera phone in hand but the UFO Sighting never reappeared. mufon cms# 83849 Houma LA May 19 2017

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