UFO Sighting Red Flames White Aura reported

There were two UFO Sightings in the night sky moving north to south direction. The first UFO Sighting was moving very fast and there were no strobe lights like an airplane would had. Then after a few seconds there was a 2nd UFO Sighting with the same characteristic as the first flying behind. Same instance of flames from the back end. You could see type of wing on both sides of where the flames were coming out of the back. It wasn't balloons due to moving in a perfect straight line with no deviated course. Around the back of the UFO seemed to be a white aura. Shortly after these too went into the distance at fast speeds and no sound was heard. Another UFO of the same characteristic came out of nowhere and from NNE to SSW direction then disappeared shortly after. As I have never seen this before and it was during the fireworks but it was way to high and going way to fast. It was like a spacecraft or even unconfirmed space debris possibly. But the strange thing it looked ! like it went out of the atmosphere due to the flames were directly showing only with the aura in a shape of wings. There was no sound coming from these UFOs. Very strange. UFO Sighting occurred on July 4th 2019 over Fargo ND. source NUFORC.org

UFO Sighting reported red flames white aura Fargo ND

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