UFO Sighting pulsating lights hovering above buildings in lower NYC

UFO Sighting over New York City 2016

We were waiting outside of the restaurant, Mission Chinese for our 5:pm reservation on 12/27/17 in lower New York City Manhattan, when these pulsating UFO lights caught my eye. It was not moving at all, and was also not making any sound whatsoever (like a helicopter would). The UFO Sighting was silent but just hovering and changing colors. I immediately started filming the UFO until they called us into the restaurant for our reservation. It struck me as unusual because it was so silent. We all see helicopters all the time int he city for news, traffic, police etc. This was different. The UFO was just pulsating and not making any sound. It was also at a higher elevation than helicopters usually fly or hover when in the city. I was excited to see this and share it with my daughter. I wish I could've filmed this UFO Sighting longer and could've watched it until it vanished but we needed to go into the restaurant for our dinner. I tried to capture the tops of the some of the buildings in my video to show the scale and distance and that it was not moving in relation to the buildings. mufon cms# 82273

New York City UFO Sighting video here

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