UFO Sighting Over Seoul Korea see photo

Seoul Korea UFO Sighting Photo

Dear. Mr. investigator (MUFON)
It is really glad that I am writing a UFO Sighting report about my resent findings. Last Wednesday, 12th April, one of the our professional photographers took several series of continuous shooting, while taking a promotional poster of our newly launched drama of KBS in central Seoul, South Korea. We are really surprised as well as thrilled that we captured a stunning moment that UFO was flying in front of our lens. It was clear sky on that day and 7 out of 9 photos seem normal and only 3 of them captured black spots behind two actor and actress. The photographer has never acknowledged that he captured UFO-like object while shooting and there was no suspicious smell nor sound came out on the shooting site. With the photographer, there were other directors and crews making the drama and they have not acknowledged the fact he took photos of UFO either. We have tried our best what he has taken and what they are, but there was no specialist in South Korea, who is able to investigate the photographed UFO at this moment. We would love you to have a look at those photos and if you find something suspicious, please inform me whether it is really UFOs. It is really thankful that your dedication to defining UFO in advance. I hope to hear your response soon. Best Regards. MUFON CMS # 83126

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