UFO Sighting over Military Base reported

I woke up one morning and remembered a UFO Sighting event that occurred while I was in the army at Fort Stewart Georgia I had no recollection of this event before that incident , I remembered I was on guard duty guarding ammunition bunkers which contained battlefield nukes, I remember seeing a Disc Shape UFO about a mile away it moved very quickly over a bunker and shot down a beam into the bunker, I immediately called superiors for instructions but I do not recall receiving a answer. The UFO Disk then proceeded to a bunker that was no more than 500 feet away I remember halt, halt or I will shoot and aiming my loaded weapon at the target, I remember I was still awaiting response, I believe I may have shot at unidentifiable trespasser without permission . I don't recall the rest of that guard duty or any other details. I have struggled with telling someone for years but I thought they would just say your crazy. If I had the money I would go into hypnotic regression to find out just what did happen. mufon cms# 113924 Fort Steward Georgia 3/15/79 This Region has had 1,999 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Fort Stewart Georgia UFO Sighting reported

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