UFO Sighting of Saucer Shape Craft reported Kansas City 6-2-78

UFO Sighting Saucer shaped reported Kansas City 2-7-78

The UFO Sighting I witnessed was Saucer Shape and there were lights illuminating around the bottom. It was very large and right above a drive-in movie, which was having a swap & shop where there were at least 100 people. I was two blocks away in my front yard and watched with amazement. I ran up the block and watched the UFO as long as I could until it finally went out of site. I asked people at the swap & shop if they had seen the UFO and no one had seen anything. I couldn't understand why or how this could be, because it was about as big as the drive in itself. The UFO was hovering over the drive-in for five minutes or so then moved on west slowly. My thoughts were it was a blimp or something like that but it looked too real to be a blimp. It was very real and I seem to be the only one who saw it. Now that is strange. But true! mufon cms# 82336

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