UFO Sighting of a Chinese Kind see video?

Central Illinois near Peoria Illinois Sept. 6th 2020 at 8:pm I was driving my car on the lane I live on out in the country, I seen this and jumped out of my car to take this video 4 separate UFOs I was only able to get three on video. Showed this to my neighbor he says its a Chinese lantern it disappears in the clouds as a just a bright light then the light disappears and comes out the other side of a cloud as a black object it changes directions from north to north east.

Not sure what to think as it got higher in the clouds and farther away id say at least 1000 feet or more altitude and more than a half mile away when it came out of the cloud. Would a Chinese lantern look this large from that distance sorry for the cursing near the end I was a little shocked when it came out of the cloud no longer as a light but as this black looking circular object.

I also posted to You-tube I'm just curious as to what this was I'm not convinced its a Chinese lantern maybe a large balloon with a light the second one seemed to pick up speed and altitude also direction change from going north to northeast there were 4 total all came from the same direction two I was able to catch on video the next day I found out my neighbor that lives on the corner where i was at during the video capture also seen it.

He didn't seem to think it was anything to be concerned over he thought it was a maybe wedding lanterns he was saying they sometimes have a metal disk at the top that gets burnt black from the candle below I would think this was much larger than any lantern but that's why I'd like an expert opinion. mufon cms# 111655 Chillicothe Illinois 9/6/20 Region has had 2,652 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

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