UFO Sighting nightly in eastern sky 10-13-14 for hours

On nights when no other stars are visible through overcast skies, this UFO Sighting is prominent in the eastern sky at about 45 degrees above the horizon. UFO Sighting does move but so slow as to be imperceptible. When observed after an hour from original sighting, object has risen to 75 degrees above the horizon. The perception of this UFO Sighting does not change, the same lights are visible at both locations. On the 14th of Oct. a small plane was observed crossing the sky under the cloud cover from north east to south west. The plane was flashing white light and moving quickly across the field of vision. It was a unique contrast to the stable object flashing red to white while maintaining a white light behind the flashing node at all times. I live near a mall with parking lot lights that make star observations on the horizon almost impossible. This object was clearly visible on two overcast night when no stars were visible in any direction at any any degree of observation. I could not come up with a good explanation of seeing this object for two nights in an area of the sky that, ordinarily, has no dramatic sighting of anything but the brightest of stars on an absolutely clear sky. The fact that it was observed to have elevated in substantial degrees after an hour and more had passed made me think it was an object that was a planet or maybe a satellite. But there was absolutely nothing else to be seen in the sky because of the cloud cover which, I thought, would make those two possibilities unlikely. mufon cms# 111830 Fairview Heights Illinois 10/13-14/20 Region has had 2,656 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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