UFO Sighting Large Rectangular Craft Telepathic Communication Reported

I have witnessed several orbs that are so similar to stars in the night sky that are moving and burning brighter and brighter almost illuminating for my attention. Then after one and a half hours of viewing taking pictures I used my move over my head, after an orb shot across the sky. There was no cloud cover although tonight there is. The reason why I am sending this UFO Sighting report is because I understand their able to reach me telepathically and they said that I am ready for third kind. And last night at 3:30 am I was awoken by a large hissing of air and a figure appeared behind me and said Russians was responsible. It was loud enough to wake me. I am so scared now. They honestly talk about what they are doing with people and the reasons for doing it and what I can expect and so forth. I think their masquerading as a space force but I hope that's at least true. There was a Russian submarine spotted in the bay next to my town 2 years ago. So I don't know what to believe. mufon cms# 110976 Bundoran Ireland 8/16/20 Region has had 7 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Copy & Paste Link Below To Your Browser To View video recorder on my I-phone to tape a triangular craft


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