UFO Sighting I froze and was captivated

I received an internal prompting to go outside. It was well past my normal bedtime. upon stepping outside, I immediately felt a presence and looked up to see an enormous UFO Sighting it was a Cigar Shaped ship! above the field by my house. I have never seen anything this large or this shape in the sky before now! I froze and was captivated. I stared at it for about 10 min. I had a very good feeling, no fear. It was a vertical cigar shape UFO Sighting with a white light on top, two blue lights on the side and a long shape. The lights flashed and changed colors. I call my neighbors out to witness it. The three of us witnessed it for about an hour. We saw it move closer to us then away and it eventually flew away. I took pictures and video. However, it appeared differently than what we were seeing. In fact, on the audio your can hear us describing what we were seeing, but the footage appeared different. Perhaps the naked eye saw the event one way and the camera only captured energy. I don't know how to explain the difference. mufon cms# 107591 Urbanna Virginia 4/6/20


bright white UFO Sighting photo 4-6-20

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