UFO Sighting highly reflective object in the sky 6/23/16 Katy Texas

On June 23, 2016, I was driving home from work in Houston heading west toward Katy on I-10. It was around 6:20 pm so the sun was still high in the sky. It was sunny and partly cloudy. A shiny UFO in the sky caught my eye. I would say that it was like an oval shape, I couldn't see any sharp edges but it was solid. The reflection was bright and it made it hard to see the actual shape of the UFO was. I did not see it appear, I just happened to notice it. I was around I-10 and Dairy Ashford and it was on my right, north of I-10. It was wasn't too high but it wasn't too low on the horizon to where the view of it could be obstructed by trees or anything. I just stared at it. There was some traffic so I wasn't driving too fast so I was able to see if it had a trajectory path but it did not move, it stayed at the same position. I was trying to see if it was a plane, but the way that it shone, it could have not been because it wasn't small enough, the refection was too bright and it would require a lot more surface area. The shape of a small plane could of not have cast the amount to light or reflection that this UFO did and from that distance, it would of been too small anyway. At first all I could notice was the bright reflective surface, but the more I looked, I could see that it was silver on the bottom part. Again, it was hard to see the actual shape of the UFO but it was solid. 

There is a small airport on Groschke Road that is between Barker Cypress and Hwy 6. I occasionally see small planes take off so its not out of ordinary for me to see things in the sky, I have even seen colorful hot air balloons come from south of I-10 in Katy, I am not too sure where exactly they come from but it has been a while since I have seen those. However, this object or I guess UFO was rather large but at the same time seemed far away. If I would guess where the UFO was on top of, I would guess that it was between the Mason Rd to Fry Rd and Saums to Clay Rd area. So as I am driving I pass under the Hwy 6 overpass and when I look at the same spot in the sky, it was gone. I looked around to see if it moved lower or higher but it was nowhere. The Hwy 6 overpass only obstructed my view for about 5 seconds. The length of time that I saw this UFO was no more than 1 minute. When I first saw it I felt curious and I was thinking of all the possibilities of what this could of been. When I continued to see it, I felt kind of confused because I couldn't understand what the object was and when it disappeared quickly I was just shocked and I also felt upset at myself for not taking a picture of it. I am sure that it would of been visible. 

If somebody knows what this object was or if you saw it too, please leave a comment. I have been trying to forget or to talk myself out of thinking that I saw a UFO. I am not one of those kind of people that think that there are aliens out there or those that do a lot of research on conspiracy theories but I cannot explain what could that could have been but I KNOW what I saw. I can't talk myself out of this and forget it so I wanted to let others know. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to be highly descriptive! MUFON CMS# 77267

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