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UFO Sighting Followed Me & Read My Mind

At 9:25am, I was backing out of driveway, I looked up to my left, and at about 1-2 miles in the air at 10:00 (time Angle), I saw a teardrop UFO Sighting moving at a southwest direction at a very slow rate of speed, almost like it was watching me. Once I backed out of my driveway and came to a complete stop, the teardrop craft came to a complete stop at the exact same time I stopped. Once I started to accelerate forward in my jeep, the UFO Sighting started to move forward at that same time. I drove forward not even 20 feet down my road, then stopped my jeep abruptly, and the UFO stopped immediately as well, at the exact same time. I felt a strong feeling from this craft that it knew what I was going to do before I did it. It was like it could read my thoughts. I then backed up my jeep in reverse and was still looking at the craft, and the craft went in reverse at the same time that I did. I then turned my jeep around and headed in the opposite direction towered the! end of my culdesac, it followed me in the same direction I was driving. Once I got to the end of the culdesac, I looked at the craft very clearly for another 3 seconds, and then as fast as I blinked my eyes, this UFO Sighting completely left my sight of vision in one mil second, I mean it left at lightening speed. I got out of my jeep and looked in all directions and it was no where in the sky at all. It vanished in literally one second.

This UFO Sighting had no exhaust or energy coming out of either end of it in order to move propel it in any direction. It was shaped like a teardrop and had glowing and flashing multi colored lights around it that were flashing around it. This was not a commercial airliner, helicopter, a drone, or a military jet. The craft knew what I was going to in my jeep before I did it. It was a profound feeling that I felt within me like it was communicating with me, in a sense. I’m still in shock from what I saw. I don’t have any video or pictures of it. I know what I saw. I will talk to anyone about this who is interested. I also called the Pensacola Naval Air Station and reported it to the radar air traffic control dept. They took the UFO Sighting report over the phone. source nuforc.org Cantonment Florida Jan. 19th 2021. 

red saucer shaped ufo

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